We’ve moved!

The NEW Intuit QSP Resource Center is now live at https://intuit.ziftone.com/. Please update your bookmark accordingly.

This site will remain available for those partners that have access to the QSP Directory to manage those listings only, but all other sales tools and marketing resources have been moved to the new portal.

Partners with QSP Directory access can also access the QSP Directory listing information via the new portal as well, so you won’t have to remember two logins!

If you have not already logged into https://intuit.ziftone.com, please do so!

If you had access to this portal previously, you should have already received a welcome email with a login to the new portal. If you have not, you can request a new login at https://intuit.ziftone.com by clicking on “Forgot Your Password”.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your CAM for assistance. Please also send any feedback on the new portal to qsp_program@intuit.com.

Thank you! See you over on https://intuit.ziftone.com!